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Краткое описание видео: .Melnitsa Animated films and movie company STV present:.Oh the strong and mighty Bogatyrs, in Glorious Rus’!.No foe will ride upon our earth!.None of their horses will trample the Russian land!.Will they not obscure the red sun of ours!.For a century Rus’ stands – and will not sway!.And for centuries more – it will not sta… hmm .. uh….will not ro… uh.Alesha Popovich and Tugarin the Snake.In the glorious town of Rostov lived a priest who had an only son..His name was Alyosha, Popovich, after his father..Alyosha grew not by days but by hours..They taught Alyosha grammar however, nothing came of this..And so Alyosha started to train his skill of fighting..- Look what your Alyosha’s done..! Here!.Look, what your Alyosha’s done!.Treacherous times were those, the evil Tugarin came to trample the russian earth.and harass the Russian people..And came the dark forces to collect a huge tribute from the town of Rostov..Well, what we’re going to do now, Russian people?.- Hey you, people of Rostov, listen to me, Alyosha, son of priest. For how long shall we Russian people.suffer from the evil invaders? Let us rise and protect our wives, and our children, let us fight for the Russian land!.- If you want to offer something specific,.then go on and tell us, but if you’re just wagging your tongue,
then get down from the barrel! Don’t you confuse people..- Tikhon, my dearest friend… bring our written thought, the paper,
give it to the people’s judgment..- There!
– We’ll defeat the Tugarins through a ruse..We’ll gather the gold tribute, put it in a cave that is under the Bayun-mountain,
and as soon as the forces.of Tugarin enter, we’ll cover the entrance with a boulder!.- But how are you gonna take the gold back out of the cave?.- The gold? But it… well….- Let’s just wait until those foes die of starvation…
– Oh!.Well…or become weaker!.So that plan was settled..- Thank you, God, that you’ve granted Alyosha
with the plan of our salvation!.So the people of Rostov started gathering the gold tribute..They swept the entirety of the town’s gold clean..- Left-right, left-right….Let’s go! Let’s go!.-O-o-o! There, we go..- There be the mussulmen tribe!.- Evil forces… Not much time left for them!
We’ll witness our heroes’ rage!.- Fall!.- That’s right! Can you taste our strength?.- Oooh….- I don’t get it… Was that a plan?.-Just impale them already!.- The more I look at our people the more I wonder:
where did they get so much hatred?.Is it because of starvation or lack of spirituality?.It’s because of the gold, I’m sure of it..- Yeah… gold corrupts people..-Listen, Tikhon, I am nothing to this town until.I return the town its gold and clear my good name. Goodbye, Tikhon..- But, but, I can’t let you go alone, Alyoshenka! Your father is gonna kill me!.- You, Tikhon, go back home, and explain the matter to mother and father..No one but me can fight Tugarin the Serpant!.- Wait… good God, how, without a weapon,
and money, and friends?!.- He can’t be left alone, he’ll perish..- Where are you, dear son? And Tikhon is missing.
Probably, gone to help..- Once they return I’ll skin them both.
– Hold on, what if they return as heroes?.- It doesn’t matter, I won’t give them a penny. Just look what they’ve thought up!.- What a miscreant! Alone and barehanded will he fight the Tugarin?.No problem, I’ll catch up to him in the forest..- And I dream of this and that. The other day
I dreamt Alyosha come back.and, like a mouse, snuck quietly into the upper room..Hear that? Maybe little Alyosha’s come back?.- As if he’d rustle like this…
Must be a bird nestling on the roof..- Aloysha!
– You’re imagining things, it’s just the wind..- Ready to go far, honey?.- My heart can’t handle this,
he won’t last on his own!.- Why do you care about the good-for-nothing? He’ll be fine.
And, if not, it’s no big loss. You’re not going anywhere!.- Well then, I’ll cut off my hair and go live in a monastery. A MALE monastry..- Now what do you think you are doing!.They argued for long, but Lyubava put her foot down.
To tell the truth,.grandma didn’t let her alone and followed her..- Bogatyr, buy a steed. Buy it, you won’t regret.
It’s a bogatyr steed!.- Hey you, dark horde, feel the doom coming!
Fear and tremble you, mussulmen.for the Russian bogatyr!.- Hey da-nu-da nu da nay, hey da nuda nay!
– Come on, you jade!.- That’s it, can’t go any more… need to take a short break..- You, evil foe, take the bogatyr’s might..- Tikhon? How come you are here?.- Do what you want, Alyosha, but I’ll come with you.
The way will be easier to go together..- Sorry, I did not recognize you..But what is with that look?
– I thought, what would a bogatyr do without a horse. So I bought one..- And why is it muzzled?
– Muzzled? Don’t know, maybe it bites… Beastly thing..- We-hee, freedom… finally! Nearly forgot native speech.
What are you looking at?.- A-a-a! Talking horse!
– Obsessed by demons!.- Again… Same reaction every time,
why are you so nervous? Calm down,.take a deep breath… Yes, like this..-Wh…, this is unnecessary!
-You,demon…!.- How d’you like that?!
Look out!.-Heard that?
-Don’t you think folks are in trouble?.-Wow..What should we do?
-Let’s go help!.Stop, you’re a girl, they’ll knock you out without being noticed!.-But how?
-Well..First we’ll hide, so when they’ll need help.we’ll be right there..-Oh, pardon me…- Ok, let’s discuss it. Yes, I’m a talking horse, but that’s not a reason to fight, is it?.-Don’t listen to him. Cut his head off.
-What’s wrong with you: cut his head off? My head.is worth a hundred times yours.
– How come yours is so valuable?.- Well, do you at least know how to read?
– I can alright….You’re literally making my shoes laugh. How many books have you read in your life?.- Look… that’s enough. Where do you come from?
– He bought me from the gypsies himself! And he also.gave them a new shirt and boots.
– Who, me?.- Who else, wasn’t me for sure! And he also gave them
your bogatyr sword..- Oh my, is it true?
– Well… actually, yes. I… I thought you might need a bogatyr horse..- Yeah… it will be tough without a sword.
And what’s the name.of this bogatyr horse?
– My name is Gaius Julius Caesar, but given.your educational background,
you may call me just Julius..- What kind of name is that?
– I was named after a great Roman.emperor and army leader. Before the gypsies stole me I’d been living
by the church in Novgorod..They keep many interesting books there.
– Well, looks like the three of us will have to.wend our thorny way together. So, serve me well,
bogatyr horse. Do not leave me.dead nor wounded. Do not leave me to grey wolves to bite me to death, nor to black ravens to lacerate me,.nor to the foes to outrage me. From wherever we go, take me home..- There is something in the bushes.
– Tikhon, you go have a look..- Why me? You go yourself…
– You are the oldest here, the wisest,.you’ve lived your life…
– You go if you want to..- Hey, who is hiding there in the bushes?
Show yourself and take a straight fight,.feel the bogatyr might.
– We’re gonna throw a spear..- Please don’t!.- Lyubava?! What are you doing here?
– We’ve been following you from Rostov, me and grandma..Forgive us, Alyoshen’ka, so uneasy my heart feels, I couldn’t help it..-Yeah…, so, what should we do now? Seems like I have to take you with me. We have to hurry up,.or we’ll neither find Tugarin, or turn the money back. Meet my horse, Julius..- A bogatyr steed!
– Oh!.- What are you staring at?
Like you’ve never seen a talking horse!.- This is Lyubava… Her grandma.
– And Moses – he is my donkey..- Is he? I thought he’s a pure Arab horse..- Shut up, Julius.
– Shut up yourself..- Where do we head to now, Alyoshen’ka?
– There they are, evil forces. That is where we go..- Look, is there no other way?
Why go there at all?… Ha?.And so they decided to go further together
and to share the misfortunes and miseries of a perilous journey..- Shall we sing a song, Tikhon,
to raise our spirits? Let’s sing our, bogatyr song….- Oh-hey e-he-he-he-oh…
– A-a-ay… Ia-a-ay.- Wait-wait-wait, guys. We’re in low spirits already,
and with that song we’ll get totally depressed!.- What’s wrong with the song?
– You call that a song? Put me down. Don’t make.my horseshoes laugh. It’s outdated.
Here, catch the rythm. And one, one, one-two-three….Tum tibi-dum tibidum tum pum.
Tum tibi-dum tibidum tum pum..Dili-dili-dili-dili dum-hum.
Dili-dili-dili-dili dum-hum..- Eh, what a noise. Left the town penniless, and don’t care at all,
go singing songs..- Come on, granny, that’s a nice one!.- Phew!.- Ok. No bridge, no way to cross,
let’s go back..- Wait, where d’you go? There is no way back for us.
– Come, I’ll show it to you..- Wait you damn thng! As you’re told.
– And why d’you speak up? It’s not you.that bogatyr is having a talk to.
– Just how come you are so clever-clever?!.- What’s the point arguing, let’s think how to get across..- This is what I suggest..- A simple mechanism… We’ll need several logs….A calculation… Gravity, accelleration force….That’s it..Well, can also do it that way..- A-and… is it reliable?.- It is.
– No, I just mean we should save ourselves.for heroic deeds, it will be stupid to die like this..- Well… What do you suggest then?
– Let someone who’s older.and wiser go first….- What?! I just care about our campaign to succeed!.- A-a-a!!
– Huh!.- Now where are you people, come here!.- Wait, why are you all so selfish?
– Now what, you nuisance?.- I’m fine, but what about Moses?
– What’s wrong with him?.- Seriously, you people are funny. How will he get over the tree-trunk?
He’s a donkey!.- I’m also afraid to go over the trunk..- Heh… Phew!.- A-a!
– Granny….- Wow, that’s what I call a woman!.Listen, Tikhon, give her a closer look. Why not? You’ll
be as safe as houses! And so will your household….- Thank you, Alyoshen’ka..- Well, Tikhon, now you go. Tikhon… Tikhon..- I have a fear of heights..- Come on, hurry up!
– Wait a minute, Tikhon here is afraid of heights..- When you pass it, don’t look down!
– I can’t not to look..- Oh, I know, what to do. Cover your eyes.
– Oh yes, that’s right..- Go on, don’t stop, go….- Come on, Tikhon.
– You can do it!.- Silence, please, only one of us should be in charge..- Come on, Tikhon, you can do it, go….- A-a!!!.- No panic, Tikhon, they’re going to save you!.- A-a-a-a!!!
– Oh my, Tikhon….- Why are you looking at me? Will any of you go save him?.- Tikhon!!!
– Alyoshen’ka!!!.- Br-r-r!.- No need to save me… I’m fine..- That’s it. Why should it always be Julius to help!.- Let’s go there. We have to find good men to ask the way..- What if they are not good at all?.- No use guessing, just have to find out.
– Right… We need someone.to go on the scout..- Why don’t you go yourself?
– Alright, but it makes no sense!.- What sense?
– Oh, you ignorant folks, that’s simple. Alyosha is a bogatyr.he’s the main hero and can’t perish, I’m his noble steed,
Lyubava is the hero’s fiancee, they.get married and the stuff… Moses won’t go because I like him,
so this leaves.either you or grandma..- You fool… – Take that!
– Easy, why d’you get that mad? Ok, let Lyubava go….- Oh… where’s Alyosha?.- Come back, or else… I’ve said, come back!
– What a featherhead!.- Hey, come on, there’s no one in here..- Uncle, isn’t it house of Svyatogor himself?.- That’s right! It’s his house. What a glorious bogatyr he was!.- I wonder if there’s anything to eat?.What the…? Nothing at all.
– All you think about is food..- Don’t you tell me what to think about!
– Don’t you teach me! Got it?.- Don’t you get me with a “got it”, got it?
– Calm down, you two… We’ll have a rest and go further..- Oh my God, what happened?! A?
– Are you okay, Alyoshen’ka?.- I read in a book once, that starvation cure only works
after a heavy supper..And food shortage in a young organism leads to a quick death.of brain cells, in case they are present..- Seems like no one is listening.
Well of course, I’m just a horse..- Very well, what do you suggest?
– Oh my goodness, just look at those people!.You are a hero after all… Take a bow,
go to the forest, kill an animal. Moses!.- Ah?!!!
– Moses gathers firewood, you light a fire,.and Lyubava with granny cook something..- I wonder, what will you do meanwhile?.- Yes, that’s interesting!
– You people are funny, I’m the hero’s horse..What if we battle tomorrow, I have to be well-rested….-Svyatogor!
-Who are you? What do you want?.-Please forgive us, noble hero, for our audacity..We’ve stopped by your place accidentally, we are from Rostov town..We’re looking for Tugarin’s army. They’ve offended us..- Hmm, Tugarin again…
– Wow, look, why don’t you do some fitness? Seriously!.- Well, I will help you all I can.
– Look out now, Tugarin! Now we’ll show him, with two.bogatyrs!
– What two bogatyrs?.- Here is or hero from Rostov, Alyosha Popovich.
– He-e… A?.- Yes… Is he dumb or what?
– No, I… Me… Now we’ll give hell to Tugarin.for taking away gold… from our… town….- Yeah… he’s got out of hand, that Tugarin the Snake. Unlike in the good old days… I used to.command a warband… or even a troop….Was a good time we gave hell to tugars!….And now, as you see, I’ve grown old and feeble…
– Old… and feeble….- Wait a minute… Tugarin…, gold… I have seen them….-Really? Where?.- Wait a minute, let me think… Ok, it was like this…
I was standing by the forest, and the tugars.were riding just nearby with the gold..- Fell asleep.
– Really?.- Seriously, look at him. See? Yeah,
he’s asleep… Hey, bogatyr!.- What? Where?…
– Every which where..- Hold on, what happened next?
– What happened? Who are you?.- I’m Saint Lucas, and this is Moses the Prophet…
– Stop it, Julius! You were telling us about tugars,.remember? About gold.
– Oh yeah. I remember gold. Which year it was I don’t know,.but we were marching back
and the Knyaz granted us golden ten-roubles… Oh….I still have them!.-Here!.- A-a… It’s not what we need… Heh, bad luck!.How do we find Tugarin?
– Tugarin? I’ll help you, I’ve seen his army.recently near by the forest.
And I know the shortcut..And to make it easier for you – here, take the steel-sword..- Former strength has left my hands,
but it’ll fit you just fine..- O-o-o!
– Hm..- Hee-haw, hee-haw!!
– Thank you, Svyatogor, for your gift..- Thank you, Russian bogatyr..Show us the way to Tugarin, please, do us a favor!.- Ok, God bless you. Go to this bright star up to the lonely mountain,
go round it and.up the hill, and you’ll come right to the cave….And the heroes followed the way that the noble bogatyr Svyatogor had showed them..- There’s the cave…Maybe we should take each other hands?.- Hoo…- Aaah!!!.- Oh..
– It’s not too high..- Ah.. Ah..
– Aaaah!!.- This way… Let’s take each other hands…- Maybe we shouldn’t Alyoshenka?
– Why?.- Ah, I’m afraid of darkness!!.- Julius, get off me..- A-ah!!!.- Wow, this must be the place Zmey Gorynych used to dwell in?!.- Move on you, lib… librarianist.
– A chill has crept….- Right… Cemeterial..
– Oh… Look, I told you tugarians.were nearby… Here’s their arrow.
– Wow, what an arrow! As big as a spear!.- Oops… I feel bad. I’ll go back. You know what –
let’s all go back..- Hold on, Julius, hold on..- Don’t you feel the cave is narrowing down?
– That’s right..- Right, I just want to warn you – I have claustrophobia..- What?
– It’s a fear of closed areas..- Stop it, Julius, there’s no reason to panic..- Panic? No one’s going to panic. I said it just in case..- Well, come on, move it.
– I can’t move, I’m pressed down by a stone….- Hey, looks like he’s stuck.
– Wait a minute, d’you want to say,.that I can spend the rest of my days here,
in this dark damp cave?!.- Ok… now I will show you what a real panic is!!.- Don’t, we’ll try to get you out..- Help!.. SOS… Somebody save the bogatyr steed!!! I don’t want to die!.Moses, my friend, take care of my family…
– Calm down, Julius, you don’t have any family..- Oh my God!! I don’t even have a family…
I’m too young to die..!.- A-a-a!!!.- You have to eat less, that’s it.
– Oh God, that’s so… so mean, to point out.one’s weaknesses in a tough situation..- Hush!! Do you hear that?.VOICES RUMBLE.- Tugarin, that’s him, for sure. It’s their language.
– Well, the hour has struck, now they’ll feel.bogatyr might…
– Don’t go there, Alyoshen’ka!.- Hey… A-a?.- Wait a minute, isn’t it….- No way!
– Yes, uncle, this is where he saw them..- Right, when they were leaving with the gold.
– Don’t be upset, Alyoshen’ka, maybe we can still catch up..- Can’t get it, what’s the problem?
Are you back to the start?.- What the bad luck is this cave?!.- Here we are. No other Russian bogatyr will be laughed at because of it..- Look, it’s a flat stone with inscriptions.
– Is it? Well, read them out, Tikhon….- Khm. Wh-o-e-v-e-r t-a-k-e-s t-h-e
r-i-g-h-t r-o-a-d….- What?.- Wh-o-e-v-e-r t-a-k-e-s t-h-e r-i-g-h-t….- Tikhon, take your time, concentrate,
we’ll set a camp meanwhile,.by the morning you should be done reading.
– It’s just my eyesight… has worsened….- Oh yeah, right.
– Why don’t you read it then?.- That’s a piece of cake! Goes like this:
“Whoever goes left will be rich. Whoever goes.right will get married, whoever goes straight ahead
will find his death..- Straight ahead! That’s where we should go! Straight ahead!.- Well, let’s go?….- Where… did you take the flat stone, Alyoshen’ka?.- This is the place..- Come, hurry up, we might lose them..- What’s wrong with you?.- Why are we hiding from our destiny, Alyoshen’ka?
Here it is, our happiness!.Look, it says – “get married”.
– And what about Tugarin the Snake?.What about bogatyr glory?
– And what about me? I’m 16 already, and still unwed,.at this rate I’ll be left on the shelf..You’re just afraid of serious relations..-Who, me?!
-Yes, you!.- And what about gold?.- By the way, it says here.”will be rich”. Why take risk then?
I heard that.Tugarin is a tough guy, what if I die on battlefield
or get crippled?.Of course, there’s honour in taking risks, but
nothing will.add to my honourable looks more than expensive harness and golden shoes..- No, Julius, you don’t understand, it’s not just about gold, it’s about people’s faith.in us, see? About gaining their respect..- Ha-ha-ha, don’t you make my horseshoes laugh.
One looks much finer with a thick purse,.and faith, respect, even love all come afterwards..- Those are not the words of a bogatyr steed, but of a bazaar huckster..- Wait a minute… Everybody has the right to be happy.
– What do you mean?.- I mean everybody gets what he wants.
– You are talking nonsense, Julius..- And you don’t respect other people’s opinion!.(chumping).- Well… I didn’t think our ways would part, but looks like that. Come, Tikhon,.we’ll cope with it ourselves..- And don’t you look for me, hear that? I’ll marry another man,
and I’ll have five – no – ten children!.And the household, and a thrifty husband! And he’ll love me, and we’ll.live happily ever after, and die on the same day! No, we’ll never die at all! Come,.grandma, let’s find a good fiance, unlike this one….- Who ever heard of such a thing, that a
girl tells a man what to do?.- Just you look at her, talking me back!
– That’s right..- I’m afraid of serious relations… Ho-ho, I don’t even
smile at my mirror reflection,.because I’m that serious.
– True!.- Big deal, I’m gonna find many other brides…!.- Why do you keep agreeing with me?
– I’m not agreeing..- Go on then, speak up.
– One shouldn’t be soft with a girl!.- It’s improper to come athwart a man!
– That’s right..- You don’t even smile at your reflection in the mirror..- Don’t you have your own opinion?
– Why? I do..- I think, you’re a bad match.
– True..- And who cares, that she’s the most beautiful girl in the whole Rostov?.- She is so dear and handy, so what?
– Yes….- What of it, that you have a crush on her?
– Uhu….- You’ll marry another girl, and you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your days. So what?.- You’ll be fine, more or less..- Uncle, I miss her so much, can’t live without her!… I love her!!.- When I get rich, I’ll marry and settle down. Enough of this
heroic stuff! Tired of it..I’ll buy a palace with big stables… Or two palaces?.So… where to next? Erm… could you tell me where the riches are?.- You wish to get rich, traveller?
– Who is there?.- Special offer, here and now, the biggest prize –
two halves of a kingdom, take the chance and feel lucky..- Well… do you want to play?
– Yeah!.- Erm… for horseshoes!!
– Fine, let it be horseshoes!.Put a horseshoe here and guess a number from one to ten.
That’s easy, I think of it, you guess it..And your number is…
– Erm, three..- That’s right! And you win 10 points!
Will you try again?!.- Of course, that’s simple!
– So… Make your bet..- Hm… a horseshoe again? Ok, accepted. Your number is…
– Five..- Right again!! Yes! 10 more points!
Oh, you lucky dog!.- Ha, lucky dog! I have the devil’s own luck!
Let’s play again..- Ok, make your bet.
– All in!.- Accepted… And… Number?
– Two!.- I like this guy, he won again!.- Guys… it’s a bad day for you!.- He thinks, I’m a softy?
– Must be so!
– I’m gonna find a hundred boys like this one….- Easily!.-Even better!
-Exactly!.- I don’t take orders from anyone…
– That’s true..- Granny…, why do you keep argeeing with me?
– As if I could object to you!.- Alyoshka is good-for-nothing…
– Right!.- Exactly, granny…
– You’ll marry the next man and.you’ll live with him.
– I will!.- And you’ll cry all nights long,
thinking of your Alyoshka..- No I won’t!.Granny…, I need him, can’t live without him!!
I love him!.- 40 points, 40 points!!
– It’s time to play the final round!.And win two halves of a kingdom!!
– Yeah, it’s time, come on, come on!.- Ok, the stake is 100 points.
– Yes, 100 points… Er… But I have only 40?!!.- Hm… Let me think….- Ok, 40 points and your skin.
– My skin?.- Your two kingdom halves!.- Agreed!
– And your number…?.- So, we had five, we had three, and also seven and nine,
according to probability theory… eight….yes, eight, for sure!!.- I’m sorry… but you’ve lost.
Hey, guys, skin him alive….- Wait, I need a grace period… Can I have a loan…
I have connections….The whole Novgorod is for me!.- Here… the path turns, we’ll go right into their way..- Hurry up, Tikhon, follow me…
– Uh….- Lyubava?!!!
– Alyoshen’ka!!!.- I have to tell you…
– No, first I have to tell you….- Don’t argue with me…
– And you don’t interrupt me….- Guys, I’m so glad to see you. I can see it now, unity is our power, we must stick together.to reach our noble goal. Friendship is our real treasure!!.Fear and tremble you, tugar army, a bogatyr horse
is coming for you….Well, let’s not waste time, or someone else
takes the gold….I mean…, someone else beats Tugarin..Well, let’s go, my friends, towards the great deeds…!.- Khe-hey!!!
– Khe-kh-hey!.- Hey-hey….- Hey!….- Peek-a-boo… peek-a-boo….- Alyoshka is silly!.And our heroes went further along their thorny path,
and after a while, about nightfall.they finally found the tugar camp, and started thinking,
how to defeat Tugarin and.to take back the Rostov gold..- Now is the time for the foes to feel my bogatyr might..- Wait a bit, dear friend, how can you go without plan?
– That’s right! You can’t do without a plan!.- I’m surprised at you, have you ever heard of tactics, strategy?.Surveillance and patience are the key points here..- There’s nothing to look at and to spy out.
Clear enough as it is..Surround them from the four sides and….- Hop-pa!!
– Wait a minute, I think, everyone should have.a vote in a situation like this.
– What do you mean?.- Me and Moses… me and Moses think, that the best
battle is the one that never happened..- Hop-pa. What?
– It’s all being settled diplomatically nowadays. Maybe.we should talk to these guys, find a way with them,
appeal to their feelings?.- Alright, you go then.
– No, in this situation Moses and Tikhon.should go. Moses is less quick-tempered, than me,
and Tikhon is better lost than found..- Just kidding… but seriously, look at the poor fellow!
Who would even think of hurting him?.- Enough of that. We’ll sneak into the camp.at night and take the gold. Z-z-z….- I like this, sounds very bogatyr-ish. And you
don’t need me at night. Z-z-z….- Ouch…! Phew!.- Yum-yum!
– Psst!.- Hee-haw, what a…
– Hush you, damn thing!.- Fine, guys, let me go…
I can control myself….- Oh… what has he done, that pagan, to the gold?!!
– Anything wrong?.- How shall we give that to people?!
– What’s the problem?.- As if you could treat someone else’s stuff like this!
– Can I finally have an explanation, what’s.going on here?
– Hm…, same gold as it used to be… Got remelted,.so what?.- And how do I find my tooth now?.- Why are being so noisy?!.- No, I can’t do it like this… are we thieves or something?
We’ve come for our own stuff!!.Wake up you, mussulmen, take a straight fight,
and feel my bogatyr might…!.- What a fool…!!.- Ur…?!.- Alyoshen’ka….- Have a spare place?
– No. -No. -No!!.- Not done yet.
– Done now..- Ooh…!
– Phew, looks like we beat them back..Help me!.- You’ll find me by the old oak..- You bring gold, I give the girl back..- Ok, Tikhon, grandma, you take Moses
and take the gold back to Rostov, and me.and Julius will go save Lyubava.
– No, I’m going with you after Lyubava..- Don’t you see, grandma, you will pull us back,
and we can’t lose time..- Wait-wait-wait, you want to say, that we’ll
trust the gold to these sly fellows?.- What fellows?
– I’m surprised at you, you are such.a bad judge of character. Just look at them closer…
They give me a cold shiver… They are.a clique, a criminal gang… The three of them are worse than Tugarin!! They’ll take the gold and….- I don’t understand!
– C’mon, that’s simple… If we take the money.and divide between the five… the four….no… the three of us… Tikhon and grandma will be fine with one share only..Seriously, they’ve less time to live!.- And what about people of Rostov?
– Ha-ha, don’t make my… hm….What people?! If I’m not mistaken, those people
wanted to impale you!… Ouch-ouch-ouch….- Listen you, if you don’t shut up at once,
I’ll take you to the slaugtherhouse, and they’ll.make sausages out of you there….- A… That’s why I like him.
Can’t provoke him!.- Well, what are you waiting for? Come on, people in Rostov are tired of eating… I mean, waiting!.- We shouldn’t leave you alone, Alyoshen’ka…
– That’s what I say. We should go altogether..- No, we won’t risk people’s gold this time.
We’ll do as I say. Let’s go….- Ah, still it was wrong to let them
go….- Yeah, they’re unlikely to cope on their own.
– What shall we do then?.- Here’s what I think – we’ll leave the gold with the Kiev knyaz (king) for safekeeping,
Kiev is close at hand,.and return to help Alyosha..- You know, I wanted to ask you something…
About what you said….- What I said?
– You know, about slaughterhouse… You really.could’ve taken me to slaughterers?.- Well, this is…
– Wait a sec, I just want to hear that -.yes or no?
– Well… No..- Phew…, you nearly made me believe that,
and that look of yours, t’was so… convincing..- Oh…, oh, listen, could you walk for a while,
I have that pain in my back….- Yeah…, it’s a hard job we have to do…
– Not many men would stand..- But that’s fine,on the other hand people of Rostov wil be glad..- Here we are at last..- Cut their heads off!.- I wonder how Tikhon and Moses are doing,
did they get there or not?.- Oh, I’m worrying about it too. Gave them charge over the gold,
and it’s people’s gold, you know. Well, I’m pretty sure about Moses,.he’s a good guy, but Tikhon….- Remember this once and for all, Julius, I trust Tikhon implicilty..- And to me he’s like a blood brother!.It’s just that they are so weak and unprotected….- Do not put us to death, knyaz, but let us speak to you..- Very well, speak out then..- We’ve come to you on behalf of Rostov people,
great Kiev knyaz..- And what is it that you want?.And Tikhon narrated a story to Kiev knyaz about bogatyrs that
Rus’ is still abundant in. And the thing is,.that Tikhon has to finish what he started, punish mean
Tugarin and rescue Alyoshka and Lyubava.And there’s no one to look after the gold meanwhile,
that favor being what Tikhon is humbly asking for..- Yeah.., interesting story…- Just look at this thing..- Hm…, yes…, a globe, interesting, I would say,
original..So what did you say was your name?.- Could we just…, have a troop of guards, and leave
the gold for safekeeping with you..- I can’t give you soldiers, it’s bad timing, you see,
each one of them is on account..As for the gold, leave it here, I’ll keep it safe as it is.
Who else could one trust if not the Kiev knyaz?!.Such a thing needs to be safeguarded at all times..- Well, thank you just the same, knyaz.
– Go in peace..- How come they have that much gold in Rostov, I wonder?.- Where the mischief is this oak?
– Sorry, can’t see it from here, and by the way,.are you sure this is a good plan at all?
– No, but it’s the only one I have..- So… Tugarin returns Lyubava, and you give him
a sack of gold…, wait, but there’s.no gold in the sack, there’s me in the sack!
And you’ll give me to Tugarin?.Wait, stop, let me out!
– It’s gonna be ok..- No, let me out right now, or I’ll fall into hysterics!!!.- I said I won’t leave you alone!.- Where is my gold?.- The gold? I know where it is, but I’d like to know my share first..- Got him!!
– I know. One shouldn’t keep all gold to himself!.- Yeah, and he’s talking about gold..- What about… fourty to sixty, what d’you say?.- Ok, fine… fifty-fifty!.- Hey, it’s our horse!.- Lyubava…!
– Alyoshen’ka!!.- Alyosha!!.- Sorry, Lyubava, I have to help Julius..- And who are you? Ha?.- Doesn’t matter, this is our horse!.- I am Tugarin the Snake…, heard of me?.- Well, yes, but still it’s our horse, it owes us money..- What?! This is my horse!!! He knows, where my gold is hidden!.- Hey, men, it is my horse!.- And who are you?
– I am the Rostov bogatyr, Alyosha Popovich,.and I’ve come to keep my promise..- O-oh! Bogatyr!.- Where is my gold?
– It is not yours!.- Right, it’s our gold!
– Alyosha….- Alyoshen’ka!
– Not done yet..- A-ah?
– Huh!.- Done now..- Alyoshen’ka!
A-a… Argh… O-oh….- Did I do it to him?
– Yes, you did, Alyoshen’ka!.- Don’t remember a thing…
– No wonder….- Tikhon… gra-gra…, grandma, and what are you
doing… here?.- Don’t worry, Alyoshen’ka, we did all as you said..We left the gold with the Kiev knyaz for safekeeping,
and decided to help you..- Were right in time.
– Huh….- We have to tie him while he’s unconscious..- Conscious…? Ha! It will take him a while!.- Pardon me…!.- Well… are you ok?
– A-ah?.- And now we’ll get our gold back and head to Rostov..- And leave Tugarin in Kiev for people to gape at.
– Uh-huh!.- Ouch.
– Hee-haw… hee-haw….- Live long, Kiev knyaz!.- Ah… Ah… Huh… Greetings to you,
Rostov bogatyr!.Come in, sit down… be my guest!…
A welcome guest!.- Please forgive my incivility, lightbringing knyaz,
but I have no time to feast,.people of Rostov are waiting for me, and for
their belongings, which were taken away by mean Tugarin..- A-a….- Well, do as you like….- Go in peace..- So what did you say happened next?.- Do not get angry at me, great knyaz, but you seem to have forgotten about Rostov gold, that was left with you.for safekeeping?.- Ha? O-oh!! Yes, I recall….- Hey, you…, bring the bogatyr’s gold….-А-а-а!!.- You shouldn’t make fun of ordinary people, knyaz…!
– Did I offend you indeed?.Just took a storage commission..Well, princeling, for me that’s enough being your amusement …Now it’s my turn to have fun, here, try my bogatyr might..-Ha! Hold on, hero, don’t get too excited…I see how quick-tempered you are…, by the way I need this kind of men!.Stay here, Alyosha, on full allowance and with my highest blessing!.- Do not get angry, Kiev knyaz, but there are people waiting for us at home, in Rostov,.and there is no way back for us without the gold..And so it was settled. As for the gold, knyaz returned it,.and Alyosha gave Tugarin to Prince of Kiev as a present, whom prince.put into a cage, to entertain people of Kiev, as people always liked to..- You know, I wonder if we deserve a share of gold for our deeds?.Or some noble rank?.-Well, live long, father-Rostov!
Finally, we took back good people’s gold!.- A-ah!! The Lord has heard us!.- Oh, look?! That good-for-nothing is back!!.-Yeah, you got the respect!.- Oh, look here, it’s my ring!
– Not your, it’s ours!.-You did not have any gold ever!.- Let the priest in, let me in!
– We did well, didn’t we!.Well, I helped you out, now your turn….Um, there’s a tree that owes me four horseshoes..Oh the strong and mighty Bogatyrs, in Glorious Rus’!.No foe will ride upon our earth!.None of their horses will trample the Russian land!.Will they not obscure the red sun of ours!.For a century Rus’ stands – and will not sway!.And for centuries more – it will not shiver!.Переведено на сайте www.notabenoid.com

Алеша Попович и Тугарин Змей (мультфильм)

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