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.munich.here first.well there are the um barcelona players.um going out for their warm-up.um and it’s interesting the average age.of um this barcelona starting lineup uh.this evening is.29 years and 329 days which is.the oldest champions league average age.um.essentially make a game plan work.starting with sergio busquets the vice.captain of barcelona.he was suspended for the napoli game.essential that he came back because he.just seems to knit the side together.yeah he does he always plays very much.under the radar there’s always been.superstars in and around.once they of course shabby first iniesta.thank you the young cayman.[Music].[Music].[Applause].so these are the teams tonight and the.return of sergio busquets from.suspension is huge for barcelona.it may well be a diamond in midfield to.cope with bayern munich.and with that defensive so off we go.the third quarter final looking for.muller.onto lewandowski and then back to norway.and the manor always seems to score big.goals in big games for bayern munich.scores an early one.here in the champions league against.barcelona thomas muller on target.and diamond munich lead one nil.how easy was that and judging by the.first one three or four minutes this.game could be five.all both defenses general tk pushing.right off.leaves a load of space for perisic.put them in the watch you see guerrettes.this by clement longley to jordi alvarez.and suarez just wait oh it’s been hacked.into his own nick.it’s an awful moment for david oliver.manuel neuer had no chance at all.and barcelona get themselves back in it.with a three-cone goal that we’ve had.two goals inside the opening seven.minutes.it’s exactly what we expected i said.five five i was only joking.but they got caught again by immunity.and again this is about the third time.they’ve been caught.certainly roberto but only so he could.get the ball back again that’s a.brilliant in the post.[Applause].four for all the one looks a lovely ball.to suarez.good shape by lawyer and they were.opened up the game by the beginning.yet again you can’t believe.for once robert lewandowski didn’t quite.get it right i mean it’s brewed by.muller.miss davis it’s a good cross really good.cross.good defending in there by clement.[Applause].davis for the foul of he down.glanced on by lewandowski dk not sure.where he was did really well.they’ve done that three or four times.and have just got the ball straight away.it goes towards gorezka come on keep his.head down and.he’s better than that there’s a free.header for him i know it was a good.distance out.having taken off him by canada teresa.queuing up in the middle.this terraces who scores for the second.successive game in the champions league.and he justifies he flicks decision to.keaton in the starting lineup.and bayern munich retake the lead here.in lisbon.and it’s not a surprise not a surprise.at all because.again gimmick might fancy a shot.tees up thiago who hits it off the.outside of his foot and drags it wide.[Applause].33 goals in the champions league this.season they might be in for another one.and they are in for another one and it’s.serge canavery.and junior just loved the champions.league because he serves up knights like.this.21 goals this season now for cadavering.are falling apart defensively yeah.warning sign after warning sign after.warning sign but you know what.this was brilliant.thiago sorry here’s gimmick.drilled into watermelon well there is.number four.four goals in just over 30 minutes.for bayern munich against barcelona and.this could be an absolute route.this is reminding me of the game i was.at many years ago when.germany beat brazil 7-1 at the world cup.you knew after 10 minutes when it was.two when it was three that if he didn’t.do anything about it it was going to.keep.[Applause].suarez however looking to get back.refreshing double quick aren’t they.unless he found there by thiago it’s a.good foul.they’re in trouble again tara sits.[Applause].[Applause].buying corner in towards robert.lewandowski who was able to get his head.on the ball but direct selena 1.via munich 4..we are marginally more enthusiastic.looking forward to the second half than.those.uh barcelona players i think the only.thing that bastard can take out of it is.that.they could have scored three or four.goals that first half and that’s what.they’ve got to think going if we can.there is nothing wrong with the.television it is 4-1 to uh munich and.the foregotch.lifted forward by joshua kimmick.griezmann’s only scored once in his last.12 matches he’s had a difficulty.they’re in again just a long ball.through the middle it’s thomas muller.it’s evan teresa.and it’s straight up to stegen so easy.fidel’s gone down and stayed.very good attitude on them there’s a.great energy about them whether they’ve.got the ball.danced on by robert lewandowski teresa.smoother.[Applause].seem to run out of ideas mueller’s.though picks up the pieces levandoski.with the tap in and then the flag goes.up.which is how they do it these this.suarez with an opportunity suarez is in.and suarez scores.and is that the first step along the.road to recovery and redemption for.barcelona.it’s a 21st goal this season for louis.suarez who was clinical when the chance.came.yeah there’s a drilling goal by bars and.no surprise that it’s come from.this type of play ball over the top.because back.absolutely skims him still going still.pulls it back.brilliant absolutely brilliant.he’s finished off by joshua kinnick but.he was made by this wonderfully talented.teenager.alfonso davis via munich get five.against barcelona and then he has just.turned.nelson samado inside out.experience right back just the drop of.the shoulder.oliver was with him and he just ran off.and unless he’s just standing continuous.cross and he’s got one at last.it’s six on the knife of buying and he’s.54 goals in this remarkable season for.robert lewandowski.he had to get one in the end and he’s.got one to make it.six too yeah he’s got one.they’ve got men over again coutinho and.still.and there is another one well he won’t.celebrate.it because he can’t celebrate him.because he’s just scored the seventh.goal against the club that he actually.plays for.yeah it’s absolutely embarrassing though.though absolutely embarrassing hanging.heads and shane barcelona.hang your heads in shame because this is.awful he knows it.messy loses the ball there’s tiago.lifting another one in.and they’re looking for more goals and.here’s coutinho and he’s got another one.this is ridiculous.this is ridiculous and it’s absolutely.embarrassing for barcelona.and coutinho has come off the bench on.loan from barcelona and scored two.against them.setian hangs his head and looks on.there’s nothing here.[Applause].if you have just joined us you’ll be.glad to know that you haven’t missed a.goal.regardless of the outcome it is good to.see someone

Мюнхенская «Бавария» разгромила каталонскую «Барселону» в четвертьфинале Лиги чемпионов. Об этом сообщает корреспондент «Ленты.ру».

На двоих команды забили десять голов. Мюнхенцы праздновали победу со счетом 8:2. Дубль на счету Томаса Мюллера. Также два гола забил бразилец Коутинью. По одному голу забили Роберт Левандовски, Иван Перишич, Серж Гнабри, Йозуа Киммих.

У «Барселоны» отличился Луис Суарес. Также автогол на счету защитника «Баварии» Давида Алабы.

Каталонский клуб покинул турнир. Впервые с 2014 года клуб остался без трофеев. «Барселона» вылетела из Лиги чемпионов и розыгрыша Кубка Испании.

Лучшие моменты матча Барселона – Бавария | обзор матча

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