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Ninthshaft - Ghost City (Official Music Video)

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In this place
The sun's awake for just few days,
To light the petrified cold grace,
Of this hazy city.

A ghost is walking
Along the streets, emerging from the mist
Of white nights; all the days are mostly black or gray,
Rains don't cease, the sky keeps on crying
But can't wash away
Dirty scarlet stains.

There's a scar of a long jading war
When the sky
And earth tore open
On a fatal day,
Demons roared,
The bronze horseman froze in dismay,
Demons rose
From the swamp and came to reign.

It was the true hell,
Ghost city, founded on bones,
Was starving and shelled,
Blood marked all the stones,
And every life that was saved
Had its terrific price,
The truly brave
Could even pay it twice.

Like those random strangers
Who rescued someone when they could, with no renown,
Not wanting rewards, making no demands,
Those who faced all the dangers
When they lived among death, their spirit was not down,
They fought demons with half-broken hands.

Souls of people
Will be cruelly taken
By a ravenous snake,
In our lifetime
It will be awaken,
And the stone world will shake.
The dungeon's gate
Will open again,
This land will be storm-wrecked and tortured,
The servants of Satan will break iron chains,
Once, when the gray sky gets black,
They'll take bloody weapons and suddenly come back,
But we will be ready,
We will withstand!

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